Friday, July 26, 2013

Four Down...Four to Go

It seems like just a few weeks ago that we were standing in the circular drive waving the busess off for the summer.  Now we at the summer halfway mark {my lucky children have an additional week off!} and it's time to check in on that summer to-do list.

::  Reading! I've been doing a fair amount of reading this summer, but my #TBR pile is still teetering dangerously.  I'm reading a little bit of adult fiction at the moment.  I LOVED Where'd You Go, Bernadette and am now reading two books at once:  Loving Frank and Let the Great World Spin.

::  "The Office": Yesterday I stopped by the school to check on the miserable lack of a/c in the Library condition, to meet our super-fun new assistant principal, and to assemble and easel = that's an hour of my life I'll never get back.  But what did I spy?  Five, five, FIVE boxes of new books!  Can't wait to add them to my new books boards.

::  Guests:  Two other librarians and I are hosting a super fun and insanely creative librarian in our neck of the woods next week.  Can't wait!

:: Family:  Now that we're back from our family vacation in Maine, I'm torn between making every second of summer left count and letting us be lazy.  We are seriously psyched for the LEGO BrickFest next week and there are lots of days left for splashing around in the pool.  I love being home with my children and am so grateful that I have the summer to be with them!

:: National Boards:  I need to make the decision on whether to go ahead with National Boards this year...and soon.  All signs are pointing to yes.  Have you done National Boards?  Any advice?

:: Lesson Planning:  I hope to have a VERY short lesson plan for every lesson this year that I can keep better track of what what I'm doing and what I've done.

:: Writing:  Happy to announce that an article I was holding on to forever was accepted for publication. Now I just need to finish up the first draft of my MG novel.  My deadline is October...just in time for SCBWI


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