Friday, July 10, 2015

Postings from the Past: Part One

I finally caught up with my old friend Carolyn from Risking Failure the other night on twitter.  We were both lamenting the fact that our blogs have fallen by the wayside and what could inspire us to update them with a little more frequency.  We also had a good virtual laugh because we found answers to some of our own questions in our very own past posts!  Wouldn't it be fun to revisit our past posts and reflect on how far {or not} we've come?  And so was born the #pastpresentpostingchallenge.

This Friday I've decided to reflect on my post from about this time two years ago {!}; a post that I called Four Down...Four to Go.  

:: Reading - Two years ago I was reading mostly adult fiction as summer began.  I still tend to do that over the summer but this year I started out with Finding Audrey, the new YA book by Sophie Kinsella.  I really enjoyed this book - it is full of the kind of oddball humor that I like and the main character's "issue" wasn't handled in a forced or contrived way.  So am I shifting to YA literature? This year I read a lot of MG literature - does this mean I'm maturing?  LOL!  Or, upon deeper reflection, what does this mean as I begin my eighth year as a K-5 librarian?  Do we age up or out of grade-level?

:: "The Office" - I am spinning a la Julie Andrews to report that my Library was PAINTED this week.  Yes, a lovely new white (that showed how disgustingly dingy the old white had become :: shudder ::), a beautiful sky blue on the expanse of cinderblock near the windows; and a darker blue to make the entryway pop!  I know that always say this on Home & Garden Television, but it is amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do.  Deeper reflection:  What do you do each year to re-energize your space?  Does it work?

:: Guest - Haha!  TWO years ago Carolyn came up to visit with me and my librarian friends.  This year I need to make some visits.  I need to observe other Librarians in their spaces as they work and teach. Deeper reflection:  How does observing other teacher-librarians help to improve your practice?

:: Family - We are home from our annual summer vacation.  As I mentioned two years ago, this summer time at home with my children is just another reason why I love my job.  Deeper reflection: If you have children and work during the school year, what are your summers like? 

:: National Boards - Two years ago I was contemplating whether or not to apply for National Boards. That following September I decided to go ahead with the process and this November I learned that I had in fact achieved my National Boards.  It was a long process and I have very mixed and tortured feelings about it.  If you'd like I can do a post on my experience.

:: Writing - Two years ago my article on selecting books for my Library was published in the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Bulletin.  I still haven't finished that pesky MG novel but have since moved on.  I hoping for some better news two years hence.  Deeper reflection:  What are your personal long term goals?

Stay tuned for next Tuesday's post where I will write about this year's first time experience with flexible scheduling in my Library. 

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