Monday, July 25, 2011

Books for Back to School - Plantzilla Goes to Camp

What did YOU do over summer vacation?

Whether you're a teacher or student returning to school, people are sure to ask you this question!

I'm wondering how many of you will have spent at least part of your summer at camp...with a giant plant...that you thought you had left at home.

Plantzilla Goes to Camp, written by Jerdine Nolen and illustrated by David Catrow, is not a new book, but it was new to me when my daughter found it at the public library.  Your public or school library may already have this PLANTastic tale which reminds me a little bit of Dear Mrs. LaRue:  Letters from Obedience School or I Wanna Iguana.  Why?  Because this book is told entirely in letters (ssshhh...don't tell your classroom teacher or your librarian that this is a GREAT book to use when teaching parts of a letter or as a mentor text that inspires students to write their own wacky story in letters)!

Not only do the letters make this an appealing read, but so do the illustrations.  When Mortimer is forbidden from taking his prized plant to Camp Wannaleaveee, it is through David Catrow's detailed drawings that allow us to track Plantzilla's, er, progress.  Will Mortimer be united with his beloved greenery?  Is he able to withstand the bunk bully Buford?  Students, particularly in grades second through fourth, will enjoy this hearing this book read to them to help ease them back into the school routine.
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