Friday, April 13, 2012

It's the End of the Year As We Know It!

We're back from Spring Break and it is totally incredible how little time we have left before the end of the school year.  Well, yes, some days will seem long, but the time 'til the end of the year will seem to fly by, especially with almost three weeks of Standards of Learning (state) testing.

It's been a busy week; I cannot believe it was only a four-day one!!

After much gnashing of teeth and a little help from my Twitter friends, I created a Virginia version of "Over in the Meadow" and "Down East in the Ocean:  A Maine Counting Book" using the wild animal suggestions from my kindergarten students.  I'm thinking of spiffing it up and actually submitting it to an agent for review.  Of course it would be dedicated to my Kinders!  But ah, I'm getting ahead of myself! 
: )

With my first and second graders, I used the book "A Sock is a Pocket for Your Toes:  A Pocket Book".  Then we created our own pocket poems.  My students ROCKED it!!!  Some of the poems made me laugh, some made me say "Awwwww!", and one darn near made me cry!!  The format was simply:

A ________________________  is a pocket for your _____________________.

Try it with your primaries!  

Fourth grade continued with their Voki projects and thanks to @sducharme , the process went like a dream.  Here is one example of their Voki-ness:

Voki by B.P.

So many other things went on in the Library this week, I've just about lost count.  Not to mention a County-wide librarians meeting and a staff meeting!  How was your week!?

Until next time,

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