Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Teachers Write!

This summer I will be participating in Kate Messner's awesome-est offer to the world: Teachers Write!

Tomorrow I will post my summer writing goals (one of which is already CHECK! Phew!) but today here is my contribution to Kate's writing prompt (head over there to get the full low-down - it's awesome; I promise)


Sometimes, when they’ve stayed up too late the night before, I wake up before the children. I tiptoe to my desk; a few clicks around the universe tells me the world still exists. The sun squeezes through the slats of the dusty Venetian blinds (maybe I’ll get to them today). The birds converse outside the window; I only recognize the coo’ing of the Mourning Dove. The hermit crab chirps in his (her?) cage, asking for, well, who knows what. Even the cars that pause at the stop sign on the corner sound sleepy. A thump. Stomping feet make a run for the bathroom. Dresser drawers slam both open and shut. A call from the bottom of the stairs, “Mom?”. I stretch and head down to greet them, the day, and to coax delicious, roasty smells from the coffeemaker.

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