Sunday, December 30, 2012

Slooooow Motion

Those of you who know me know that I have been tortured by writing a middle grade fiction book for, oh... forever almost two years now. Not really an long time in the history of writing a middle grade novel but sometimes it just feels like things are moving in slow motion.  A big kick in the butt-ski, however, was the critique I received at my regional SCBWI conference in October.  I basically started fresh, with the same plot, and suddenly my work in progress is looking fresh again.  Now, to keep up the momentum...

Lately I've been finding Amy Fellner Dominy's blog very helpful {yes, Amy, I am all the hits from Northern Virginia}.  She's been providing me {Yes, me personally.  I know she's speaking only to me, LOL!} with some very beneficial strategies and things to think about.  Last night I went back and divided my nebulous novel into chapters.  After each chapter heading I wrote:

Purpose: {What is the purpose of this chapter?}
Want: {What does my main character want in this chapter?}
Research: {What things do I need to research to enhance this chapter? This keeps me from yelling "to the cloud!" every time and getting distracted.}

Already things are looking a little less murky and I'm feeling a little more focused.  Thank you, fellow Amy!


  1. Sorry for the delayed reply--I went missing over the holidays. Thanks for this post--it's really wonderful knowing that I'm not just talking to myself. (Well, I do that too!) I'm so happy if I can help through this crazy writing process--I seem to fall into every bad habit a writer can have so I speak from experience. :-)

  2. Glad you found yourself! : ) And thanks for stopping by! It's an honor!


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