Monday, October 28, 2019

Halloween Rehearsal

I am so glad to have stumbled upon Susanna Leonard Hill's 9th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest. It provided me with a bit of seasonal inspiration and it was a delight to write again.

* * * *

Halloween Rehearsal

Cobweb-woven spider-dreams
Goblins practice silent screams
Potions perk and cauldron steams.
Soon comes Halloween.

Catch a newt and hairy eye.
Train some bats to pierce the sky.
Rattle bones so bare and dry.
Here comes Halloween.

Dragons run their shiny scales
Black cats hunch and quiver tails
Ghosts fan out unfurl like sails
Close to Halloween.

Last glance in the mirror, quick.
Fix your hat and grab your stick
Candy bag should do the trick.
Now it’s Halloween.


  1. "Spider dreams and silent screams" indeed. Fun Halloween poem. Good luck.

  2. Fun images and great to read aloud.

    1. As a school librarian, I appreciate poems that are fun to read aloud (often many times!)

  3. Such a gorgeous Halloween poem with lovely, original, and evocative images. I can point to many I enjoyed, but you had me at "cobweb-woven spider-dreams."

  4. Love the progression of the poem. Well done! Good luck!

  5. Great rhyming story, and lead up to Halloween!

  6. What great rhythm and rhyme Amy! Well done!


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