Monday, February 6, 2012

More-us of the Thesaurus

Today when I arrived at school there were a stack of quizzes in my mailbox.

Not quizzes for students.

Not quizzes for me to grade. 

Quizzes for me to TAKE! 

As a reward for three prior weeks of guide word immersion (including a rockin' Smartboard lesson from Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom - I mean, who knew, right?), I asked one of my fourth grade classes to create quizzes for ME.  

Their quiz had to consist of five questions, multiple choice, with at least three being questions about guide words. 

They rocked it!! 

I spent about an hour and a half taking those dern 26 quizzes!  

And they got me good on some of the questions.  

The cutest questions had to be ones that asked what a thesaurus could be used for...their "wrong" options were very funny. 

I can't wait to hand their papers back to them for them to grade.

I hope I did okay! {fingers crossed!}

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