Friday, March 8, 2013

Author Study - Beverly Cleary

Maybe it was the news that Beverly Cleary's house was on the market in Portland, Oregon.

Or maybe it was the fact that my Beverly Cleary library shelf in the Library is completely and totally FULL:

that made me think:

It's Time for a Beverly Cleary-FEST!

I'm planning on starting with my combined 1/2 classes next week.

First we'll do a little of this:

Then we'll read a little of this (actually, the entire thing):

This is the edition I have - but not in Spanish!

Then we'll move on to this...

By then, the Cleary shelf should be...well...Cleared!

Any suggestions for Cleary-Fest activities?


  1. What a great idea! I had a similar issue with my Cleary books this year. I admit that my first instinct was to weed. I've been cruising through books from the early 80s and the duplicate Cleary books were on my list. Since I've weeded that section though, I've noticed several students check out her books. A better organized shelf has made them stand out a bit. Can't wait to hear how your students respond!

    1. I was going to weed the Cleary books, especially those ugly "library bound" ones with no personality. But I decided to give Cleary-Fest a try first - I don't think that most of my readers who would enjoy Clearly books know they are even there! #LibrarianFail I will definitely post an update!

  2. I actually walked by a shelf of Judy Blume books and thought about reading the Fudge series with my son...but I don't think he's quite old enough yet (although when he is, the stories about being Fudge's older brother are going to be perfect!). BUT, I think he could be ready for Ramona. I loved Ramona...or maybe Henry Huggins since he's a boy? I don't really remember much about Henry Huggins...will have to refresh my own memory!

    It's almost spring...what about some good old-fashioned puddle jumping? That is so Ramona. :)

    1. I am reading Henry Huggins with my own second and third grader right now as a test run and it's just a great book! I found myself laughing out loud several times. It's set in the 50s which I find fascinating ("man at the toothpaste counter" ?? ), but Henry's experiences are timeless, which I think is the hallmark of a great writer!


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