Monday, March 4, 2013

Noah Webster and His Words with Activity!

I'm reviewing reference resources with my third graders, including the dictionary.

We recently read a great little book about Noah Webster by Jeri Chase Ferris and illustrated by Vincent X. Kirsch.

A great read about Noah Webster

My students, being the smart little ones that they are, took issue with a reference to "states" when they thought it should have read "colonies".  After we sorted that business out, I decided it would be fun to use Ferris' book as an excuse to review some of our reference resources.

Here is a station activity that I created for use by my third graders.
You use the station signs and the teacher resources found at the Noah Webster house and at Jeri Chase Ferris' website.

I haven't tested this activity yet with my third graders, so I imagine there will be tweaks, which I will upload as I make them.

En - joy!

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