Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why I Bought It Wednesday!!

Welcome to the second edition of Why I Bought It Wednesday!

I stopped by my library yesterday to find eight boxes of books just waiting to be opened! stopped by, so we spent some time pawing, oohing and awing over some of the newly arrive purchases.

:: Here are five titles and Why I Bought It (THEM!). : ) {You can see more over at my Pinterest account.}

:: Becoming Babe Ruth

Why I Bought It:  Last year, as close to opening day as possible, I read several picture book biographies about baseball players, including You Never Heard of Sandy Koufax?! by Jonah Winter.  This year I plan to do the same, so I scooped up several more titles.  Soon I will do a post of all the fantastic baseball pictures books - there are so many great ones and so many to keep track of...!  They get my students reading sports-related books and biographies!

:: The Wing Wing Brothers Math Spectacular

Why I Bought It:  Oh...come on.  Why WOULDN'T you buy this book?  I mean, look at the cover!  However, it also amusingly explains the concepts of greater than, less than, equal to and addition and subtraction.  Funny Math!  It's a Wing Wing situation! <--Heh, heh...see what I did there?

:: Frogged

Why I Bought It:  Okay, so here is a book that I have not read yet, but I snuck it home and have added it to the Four Books I Will Read Before School Starts Again pile.  Why?  My students are always looking for fractured fairy or folk tales that mix things up a bit.  I'm sure this will be very popular with my students and will be a great book to book talk along with Rump.

:: Doll Bones

Why I Bought It: I cheated just a little bit.  I received this book from the publisher, but with all the buzz I'm glad I did.  It is the second book on my Four Books I Will Read Before School Starts Again pile.  My students are always looking for "scary books" and I think this will do the trick without giving them too many nightmare.  What other books would go along well with this one?

And finally...

:: Frog Song

Why I Bought It:  My guys just cannot get enough of books about animals and animal behavior.  I can't wait to introduce them to Frog Song...and the opportunities for pairing fiction and non-fiction texts are ENDLESS I tell ya...  Hello Froggy Goes to School!  Can't wait to use Frog Song this year.

What books did you buy this week and why?


  1. Well, since you asked! I did actually buy some books recently! I had Scholastic Dollars to spend and the set of state books I wanted was out of stock so I browsed for some new selections! Scholastic has a series about Scary Places including Ghost Towns, Lost Cities, and Wretched Ruins. Paranormal books are always a winner with the kids! I also purchased their Mighty Monsters graphic novel series and a few 2013 Almanacs. We haven't purchased any of those since 2010 so I know the kids will love having some new copies!

    I can't wait to hear about Doll Bones! I think that and Frogged are going on my list! You know....if I win the lottery....

  2. I think this is a terrific post idea, Amy. Sadly to say I bought no books this week. But I'm happy that there are those who bought mine. How hypocritical of me!


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