Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why I Bought It Wednesday!

Three *is* my favorite number, so welcome to week three of Why I Bought It Wednesday!

Today I stopped by "the office" and there were even more boxes of books waiting for me!  It was so hard to chose the five for this week's post, but here they are...

:: Brush of the Gods 
by Lenore Look and illustrated by Meilo So

Why I Bought It:  My second graders study Ancient China along with Ancient Egypt, so I thought this would be a perfect semi-fictional picture book.  I could pair it with several other wonderful books such as The Pet Dragon or At the Beach by Huy Voun Lee.  You could also pair this book with another book about remaining true to oneself and ones passion.  

:: Amphibians (Animal Classes Series)

Why I Bought It:  I am completely addicted to the Blastoff Readers from Bellwether Media {I have not been compensated for this recommendation!!} series of books and best of all, so are my students and teachers.  Like the A True Book series, these books are filled with large, engaging photographs, easy to read (on the eyes, I mean) text, nonfiction text features and these books pass my nonfiction text test:  a glossary MUST be called a glossary!! {So bugs me when they call it something else!  It's a glossary, people!  My kindergarteners can handle the term!}  I bought a ton, I mean a TON more of these this year after I tried them out with a few last year.

:: Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library
by Chris Grabenstein

Why I Bought It:  I have not read it...just the buzz.  But it has the word LIBRARY in the TITLE for goodness sakes.  And, be still my heart, it has some sort of Dewey Decimal spinner on the cover.  You KNOW I am a DEWEY NUT!  Each year I get a little more creative with my second graders and Dewey.  They love it!  It feels like cracking a code to them.  But I digress...  Can't wait to read this one!

::The Fellowship For Alien Detection
by Kevin Emerson

Why I Bought It:  Again, I have not read this one...but my 4th and 5th graders are *hungry* for science fiction that is at their level so I grabbed this one up!  I hope this one will pass their stringent requirements!

:: Tito Puente:  Mambo King
by Monica Brown, illustrated by Rafael Lopez

Why I Bought It:  This bilingual picture book was an easy pick for me.  We were fortunate enough to have Monica Brown visit our school last year and she introduced the children to many of her other books, including My Name is Celia Cruz.  After I read this book, I immediately went to uTube to watch Tito Puente in action!  A great start to biographies, music appreciation and Hispanic culture!  

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