Sunday, December 12, 2010

In the Dining Room: Sunday Book Brunch

Sundays are a time for reading in my house:  the New York Times, New York Magazine, a few Virginia Readers' Choice selections, and perhaps an US Weekly to keep up with royals.

Here are a few online treats, update throughout the day, to go with your Sunday brunch.

:: Grace Lin is offering paper dolls to go with her new Ling & Ting books, which, by the way made the New York Times Best 2010 Notable Books for Children.  I have yet to get my hot little hands on them, but they are winging their way to my library as we speak.  I'll just have to arm-wrestle my students for them.

:: Cheerios cereal is at it again with their Spoonful of Stories program.  We picked up our copy of All the World, a Caldecott honor book, in our most recent box.  I had no idea that the Spoonful of Stories program was so elaborate; they even sponsor a new authors contest!  Visit the website for book trailers and more!

:: If you have not caught on to Etsy, now is the time.  I'm loving this print.

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